Marco Mouwen Philosophy of Training:
Each dog has a natural prey drive. This drive can be developed by playing with the dog.

From this positive drive you can teach the dog anything and correct him at the right time (Timing !).

Finally you always should confirm the dog affirmatively.
Each seminar in Switzerland is given in German. But I can translate the explanations and corrections in English.
Summer / Winter Training
  • No Trainings planed

Trainingsplatz Uitikon

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Contract Conditions
  • Participation only with filled registration form.
  • Limited participation. The date of receipt is deciding.
  • Payment orders are send with confirmation.
  • By cancelling you will be charged the following costs:
    Till one month to the seminar/Camp (> 30 Tage), SFr. 20.-. Till 14 days to the seminar/Camp (>14 Tage), 30% of the cost of the seminar/camp. Less than 14 days to the seminar/camp (< 14 Tage), 50% of the cost of the seminar/camp.
  • By cancellations due to disease, accident or other "hard" cases, the OK will decide without legal process.
  • Insurance is a matter of the participants.